What do you do on new years?

Every year it is the same question?   ….and sometimes it is the same hustle: What to do on New Years?  I wonder how people can have the New Years eve planed one year upfront? Most of the time I ´m so busy planing and organising for Christmas that I totally forgot about New Years. I end up doing last minute research after Christmas when all my friends are telling me about their great trip to Hawai or the Philippines for New Years! That is the time when I feel a little jealousy crawling up from my toes to my head. Where do they find these great trips and how can they afford them?
Every year I wonder why everything is twice as expensive on New Years. But when I tell my girlfriend that we will do the fantastic journey this year and we will go to this amazing location she always wanted to go on New Years … only …… only two days later, on the second of january, I look in an cute but slightly disappointed face.

So what should we do?

We all know the big parties where you end up standing around drinking cheap champagne out of paper cups. Don ´t get me wrong. There is nothing against cheap champagne. Only if it bad.
Sometimes you paid 120 Dollar for food but it was already gone when you arrived.

 So let ´s come to a conclusion. What is the best plan for New Years?
I went to the Soho House last year in New York and it was a nice party. I was celebration in Berlin on a cool electro party the year before.
I was enjoying an amazing firework in Disneyland one year.
But I still think the evenings with nice friends were the best of all.

 So let ´s get the best ideas together and exchange our experiences!
What was your best New Years? What ideas do you have?

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Yours sincerely
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