You finished filming and everything looks great but now you have to find the right music for your video to put it online without any risk.

If you want to use a famous track it can be a long story to clear the rights. According to law you have to get the permission from all the owners of rights of this track. For example: You like the new song from Beyoncé. What can you do?

With the help of the internet or companies like ASCAP and GEMA you can find out the publishing company of that song.
If you write them you will get an answer of who owns the rights of the song.

If you are lucky the publisher or the record company holds all the rights and you can deal with one person.
In some cases the rights are shared between many parties.

This can mean you have to ask the publisher, the record company, the singer, the musicians and the writer. This can take month to clear all rights and the costs for the use can differ from 1000 Dollar to 80000 Dollar or more.

 If you use the song without clearing the rights you will risk a high amount of money. Even if you yourself just earned 5 Dollars with your video the original rights owner can sue you for sums like 120000 Dollar or whatever. So it is a high risk to use music without clearance. It is amazing that so many people take that risk because they probable don ´t know.

Alternatively you can buy some “royalty free” music or music where the rights are cleared already for you.
For a very affordable amount of money (20 Dollar to 200 Dollar) you can choose very often out of hundreds of tracks that are ready for your use.

On our platform, we have the music ready in categories like comedy, action, trailer, … or in music styles like Rock, Pop, Electro.
They are very reliable, have high quality tracks and many instrumentals that are perfect if you have somebody speaking in your video.

 Create you video with emotional music and feel save!

Yours sincerely
Soundfluencer Team